International Association

for the Development of Business

and Humanitarian Cooperation


Our Mission:


Creation of an integrated business and humanitarian space for the development and exchange of experience of the members of the Organization on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the international arena, including the Republic of India


Development, support and implementation of projects, programs and activities in the field of development of business and humanitarian cooperation


Creation of conditions for effective interaction of members of the association, establishment of cooperation, business and professional contacts, development of mutually beneficial relations, exchange of experience and knowledge, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction


By becoming a member of the Titan21 association, you get:

✔ Comprehensive assistance, protection of their legal rights and interests


✔ Operational assistance on business or professional activities: informational, material, legal, methodological, organizational, expert


✔ Assistance in corporate strategic and operational planning, structuring of production processes, optimization of management and costs,


✔ Assistance in organizing and conducting marketing research and internal opportunities for economic and humanitarian activities


✔ Analysis of the labor market, assistance in recruitment


✔ Protection of intellectual property, certification and examination of products, environmental safety;

Assistance in training and professional development


✔ Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, lectures, courses, and other thematic events in the covered territory


✔ Assistance in the purchase of necessary goods, materials and equipment, real estate management


✔ Representation and protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in public authorities, local governments, in organizations of all types and forms of ownership, in court, as well as in relationships with individuals.


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